The Hoover / Naas proposal in South Delta follows the exisiting railroad right of way which is 100 feet wide.  It is our intention that the two lane truck highway plus two rail tracks can be accommodated easily within that 100 feet.  As a result we believe our proposal will require less then 30 acres of cultivated land in South Delta and most of that is to accommodate the truck inspection station at Highway 91.
In North Delta the Hoover / Naas has proposed a set of tunnels so no land is lost to agricultural or our industrial base.
There has been much concern about the impacts of development on the agricultural land reserve and also on the land available for industrial development.  The Hoover / Naas proposal will have very little impact on either of these conditions.  On the other hand the South Fraser Perimeter Road in Delta is routed through Residential, Industrial, Farming and Envirosensitive Land for its entire length of 23 kilometers.  Gateway has indicated that the "South Option" around Ladner will require 237 acres of primarily agricultural land.  Up to 100 residential properties will be expropriated in North Delta, as well as hundreds of acres of industrial and Bog lands will be required along the Fraser River.

The South Fraser Perimeter Road will leave a deep and long lasting scar through Delta from one end to the other, and take hundreds of acres out of both the agricultural and industrial reserves.