First we want the reader to understand that we are not in opposition to the expansion of the Port or the Gateway Program in general.  We are very concerned about the route selected for the South Fraser Perimeter Road in Delta, which solves few local trasportation issues but causes permanent loss and damage to the environment and way of life in this community.

The following is a listing of our concerns regarding the South Fraser Perimeter Road as designed for Delta.

1/  It will not improve the traffic condition at the Massey Tunnel and will actually make it    much worse.

2/  It will not reduce truck traffic on local roads, it simply gives another road for the trucks to use.

3/  It will have zero positive effect on the increased number of trains coming from the Port.  All side roads will continue to be blocked and a source of accidents.

4/  It will have no positive effect on air pollution from trucks, trains and ships.

5/   It will require 100's of acres of farm and industrial land to construct.

6/   It will have no inspection component to deal with the semi trucks that have a poor track record of mechanical fitness. 
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7/   It will require the expropriation of up to 100 homes in North Delta.
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8/  It will damage or destroy heritage sites of both the aboriginal and early settlers in the area.

9/  It will permanently occupy the bank of the Fraser River and forever alter its natural state.

10/  It presents the possibility of causing severe damage to Burns Bog.

11/  It will cause traffic chaos during construction throughout Delta.

12/  It does nothing to improve safety for the Driving public of Delta.