Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you find it informative, and we hope you will see this as a logical and common sense approach to solving, or at least improving, some issues with traffic and proposed infrastructure changes in Delta.

The reader should be aware that the information presented is correct as we know it, and there is no attempt to massage or misrepresent the facts, as we know them. There are only two of us involved, plus our associates Mr. Keith Dinwoodie, who creates and helps us with our power point presentation, and Mr. Daryl Hoover who did this website for us. Apart from that we are just “concerned citizens” with no budget for studies, no staff for reports, and we come to the debate armed only with a civil engineering background, and over 70 years experience in the field.

Our purpose in being involved, is because as residents we see the current expansion of the Delta Port and the Gateway Program as a once in a lifetime opportunity to create new traffic infrastructure that will improve traffic safety, improve the quality of life in Delta, and allow the Port to expand even in the future with little impact on Delta.

We strongly disagree with the infrastructure routing proposed by others, and we don’t believe that the South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR) should be allowed to cut through Delta’s residential, farm and wilderness areas, the way it is cutting through North Surrey. Delta is much different than North Surrey, and should be treated that way.

We have created this website as a method to reach the most people with the most information we can gather. The subject is complicated, with many facets technical and otherwise, and it cannot be fully explained or rationalized in a 10 minute presentation, or in a letter to the editor, although we have tried both! It is also a broad issue that deals with numerous issues over a wide geographical area.

Our task is to show you, the people of Delta, the merits of what we are proposing, and if successful in convincing you, ask you to pressure the various government agencies into making our proposal a reality.

This is a long read, but we hope it gives you enough information to see that
“There is Another Way! ” to address these infrastructure upgrades in Delta.