The South Fraser Perimeter Road is part of the Gateway program to upgrade the highway infrastructure in the Lower Mainland.  We strongly disagree with the route proposed by gateway and we don't believe that the SFPR should be allowed to cut through Delta's residential, farm and wilderness areas.
The SFPR enters Delta from North Surrey at Grace Road and River Road.  It follows a route next to the river which according to the Delta 2005 Official Community Plan cuts through exisiting residential and environmentally sensitive areas for its entire length in North Delta.  The route will expropriate almost 100 homes and dramatically effect the life style of many others.  The route will dislodge or interfer with both the heritage homes of settlers to the area as well as important sites to First Nations heritage.
After passing under the Alex Fraser Bridge the SFPR turns to the south and cuts through industrial and environmentally sensitive areas as it proceeds west on the north edge of the Burns Bog.  In this area Delta will lose hundreds of acres of potential industrial development, plus acreage currently used in some form of agriculture.
As the SFPR comes to the west side of Burns Bog it turns south through Delta's farmland.  A large cloverleaf intersection will be built at highway # 99 just west of 72nd street but there will be no connection at highway #10.  The highway proceeds south of highway #10 and then follows the railway right of way until it joins up with Deltaport Way.