As a result of our personal experience, plus the last three years researching and discussing these issues, we have concluded that;

A/ There is absolutely no need for the South Fraser Perimeter Road to be built in Delta as designed. There is no local need that this highway will assist, except the movement of the trucks from Delta Port, and The Fraser-Surrey Docks. The design will cut Annieville and South Delta into further segments, and negatively effect residential, farm and wilderness areas across Delta. To spend hundreds of millions of tax dollars on a highway that brings little benefit, and much local destruction, to the people who pay for it, and have to live with it, is not responsible planning.

B/ The people of South Delta are being asked to accept over 5000 semi-trucks a day from Delta Port on existing local roads, and at the same time being told the river crossing at the Massey Tunnel will not receive any upgrade for 40 years. By any level of traffic design that situation is unacceptable and not responsible planning.

C/ Delta BC is the corner of mainland Canada, and as such we have more than our share of issues. At the same time the area is regarded as a farming community blessed with open fields, unique wilderness areas and surrounded by a great river and the sea. To design an unnecessary major highway that cuts through or affects all of Deltas finest attributes is shortsighted and not responsible planning.

D/ The entire area of Delta has had no major road upgrades, except HWY#91, for the last 50 years. An opportunity occurs to improve those conditions, and instead of upgrading what already exists, HWY# 10, River Road, and access to the Massey Tunnel, It is suggested that one new road going where 84% of local traffic doesn’t go, will solve all local issues. The facts of traffic data do not support any need for a new major highway to be built as the SFPR is designed. So in our opinion the supposed need for this highway is non-existent and perusing it further is not responsible planning.

E/ Delta is blessed with a unique environmental condition known as Burns Bog.
To build the SFPR as designed, and as a result put the very existence of the bog at risk, is
not responsible planning.

F/ We have offered an idea that will help solve, or at least improve, some local traffic issues, and at the same time is faster, cheaper, more environmentally friendly and much safer than anything else proposed. To ignore these benefits and continue with The South Fraser Perimeter Road as designed for Delta is not responsible planning.

G/ The once in a lifetime opportunity exists in South Delta, to group a heavy concentration of train and truck traffic, along with high voltage transmission lines, in one commercial corridor, away from public exposure. To ignore that opportunity for public safety and a better quality of life in South Delta is not responsible planning.