Our original proposal resulted from an article in local newspapers from the Port, asking for public opinion on their proposed expansion plans at Delta Port.  Greg Hoover wrote his ideas down and forwarded them to the Port, with a copy to Mrs.Roddick MLA, requesting it be forwarded to the Minister of Transportation. Olav Naas met with Mrs. Roddick MLA, and verbally explained his ideas to her. Because she recognized the similarities between the two ideas, Mrs. Roddick introduced Mr. Hoover to Mr. Naas and the rest is history.

Mr. Olav Naas

-   Tsawwassen resident
-   Retired with over 40 years experience costing and building heavy Civil Engineering projects

-   Locally involved in:

-   the construction of The Massey Tunnel
-   the construction of HWY#99 from the tunnel to the HWY#10 overpass  
-   the construction of the railway into Tilbury Business Park
-   the construction of the railway out to Delta Port
-   the construction of the Willington interchange in Burnaby
-   numerous other civil projects around the world

Mr. Greg Hoover

-   Tsawwassen resident
-   self-employed as a Construction Project Manager
-   builds structures in the industrial, commercial, retail sector of construction
-   graduate of Ryerson  Polytechnical  Institute, Civil Engineering 1969
-   35 years experience

-   Locally involved in:      

-   the construction of buildings in Tilbury Business Park
-   the construction of buildings on Annasis Island
-   the construction of buildings in North Surrey near the Fraser River
-   numerous other structures primarily in Southern Ontario and around British Columbia

It should be said that;

-   neither of us are running for any political office
-   neither of us are being directed or influenced by any political party
-   neither of us are looking to do the construction work we are proposing
-   neither of us own any land in the area we are proposing to use
-   neither of us are related to anyone that would stand to gain from the above
-   we represent no interest group, and have no financial backers
-   we are making these proposals because our experience in construction, plus our
    personal experience on local highways, tells us that there is another way to build
    the required infrastructure upgrades that is safer, faster ,cheaper and more
    environmentally friendly than what has otherwise been proposed.