1/ THE GEORGE MASSEY TUNNEL

As was confirmed by a municipal traffic study, as much as 84% of traffic generated in South Delta is headed for the Massey Tunnel. This seemed to be shocking news to municipal authorities, but to anyone who drives the local highways this was not news, itís a fact of daily life.  In talking to all authorities having jurisdiction over highways in the lower mainland, the consensus is, that nothing will be done to improve the capacity of the river crossing at the tunnel for at least 40 years 2045. By that, it means no additional tunnel, no new bridge, nothing but status quo till at least 2045.  Our proposal offers a method to actually reduce traffic through the tunnel until a new river crossing is constructed.


There is only one source of road traffic in South Delta that is forecast to dramatically increase and that is semi-truck traffic from Delta Port.  The towns of Tsawwassen, Ladner and even Point Roberts USA canít grow much beyond their current size because of development restrictions that surround all those populated areas, so vehicle traffic will not increase much for those communities.

Contrary to popular belief the traffic volume generated by the B.C. Ferries is relatively constant, and has been for over 10 years, and there is no current reason for it to increase dramatically.
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That leaves the increase in semi-truck traffic from the Port, as the only reason for any major increase in traffic volume, coming from South Delta, that can be predicted in the foreseeable future, and most of it is headed to the Massey Tunnel.

Residents of South Delta are already very concerned about the road safety hazard, pollution, and travel delays that the current truck volume presents and in many cases are terrified of the prospect of driving with the predicted tripling of truck volumes that the Port expansion will bring
as per attachment #2 below.
Our proposal will completely eliminate semi trucks from the Port and Ferries on local roads, as well as diverting the majority of these trucks from the Massey Tunnel.

                                3/ HIGH VOLTAGE OVERHEAD HYDRO LINES

In December of 2004 the residents of Tsawassen first became aware of BC Hydro's intention to revise and upgrade the exisiting hydro lines that run through the west side of Tsawwassen on their way to the Gulf Islands.  Since the residents of Tsawwassen don't want gigantic towers carrying high voltage electricity running through their community our proposal offers and alternative that not only removes these lines from the populated area of Tsawwassen but also offers other benefits to the entire lower mainland of British Columbia which are discussed in our proposal.