In 2005 the Gateway Program indicated that they intended to build the South Fraser Perimeter Road coming from Surrey along the bank of the Fraser River heading west from the Fraser-Surrey docks.  When it goes under the Alex Fraser Bridge it turns south and then west again along the north edge of Burns Bog.  It proceeds west until it reaches the west end of Burns Bog where it turns south through farm fields until it hooks up with Delta Port Way.
                                       1/  ANNIEVILLE AND SUNBURY

The residents of the Annieville and Sunbury areas of North Delta are told that over 75 homes will be expropriated for this highway, many of these homes are heritage designated. Plus many more will have their values decreased and way of life altered by this massive highway. 

Our proposal will move the trucks from Surrey to Delta and touch no homes at all, and would leave the banks of the Fraser undisturbed.


Those who have worked for decades to preserve Burns Bog are very concerned that the construction of the South Fraser Perimeter Road as designed could have devastating effects on the condition and very life of Burns Bog.

Our proposal does not touch Burns Bog or any other aspect of nature that effects life in the bog.