In the spring of 2004 I requested pricing information based on our proposal from one of the largest road building contractors in the lower mainland. The 16 kilometers of two-lane road we require for the dedicated truck route in that location was estimated to cost $800,000 per kilometer. Olav Naas felt we should carry $1,000,000 per kilometer to be sure, so we carried a total of $16,000,000 for the roadways. The nine overpasses, similar to the existing one on Arthur Drive, were estimated at approximately $2000 for every square meter of bridge deck. So we carried $3,000,000 for each of nine overpasses, or $27,000,000. We then allowed $7,000,000 to build the weigh scale and other smaller issues. After taking into consideration this was a government project, we took the total of $50,000,000, and doubled it for a total of $100,000,000. That would complete work on the dedicated truck route from HWY#17 to HWY#91 including the connector road for semi-trucks from the ferries.

Two Lane Truck Route 16 Km   = $16,000,000
9 Sideroad Overpasses             = $27,000,000
New Weigh Scale Station           = $  7,000,000
Sub Total                                   = $50,000,000

Government Project                      X 2
Total                                          = $100,000,000

In Gateway's brochure regarding "The South Option" gateway indicates a cost of $265 million which would extend Deltaport Way east around Ladner and hook-up to Highway #99.

For the Burns Bog / North Delta section of the South Fraser Perimeter Road we cannot find any costing predictions in their information but we feel very comfortable in saying this section will cost well over $300 million.

Our own proposal for a tunnel under North Delta has had many guestimates directed towards its cost, so we currently have a very respected expert in the tunneling business working out a realistic cost for the tunnel.  When it is complete the information will be posted on this web site.