Sunbury Neighbourhood Association
October 27, 2005

Dear Greg,

Thank you for providing an information meeting with concerned groups along the proposed SFPR route.  It was an excellent opportunity to meet and exchange dialogue with other affected groups along the SFPR corridor.  The Sunbury Neighbourhood Association would like to commend you and Mr. Naas on the effort and energy you have put toward this project.

Like the Burns Bog Conservation Society, we are opposed to any negative impact on the Burns Bog Conservation area and we appreciate that your plan is an option that protects this ideal.  We are particularly supportive of the North Delta section of your proposal, as this mirrors our own tunnel plans, providing a route through the North Delta escarpment, while protecting important heritage and habitat

The SNA would support any SFPR route that meets with the approval of the neighbourhood it affects and does not reduce the value (monetarily or culturally) of any area.  The necessity of the route is understood but not at a net loss for the people who live and raise families in these neighbourhoods.

If there is any further information or support you require, please donít hesitate to call me.  We look forward to meeting with you again as we move along this challenging path.

Yours sincerely,

Don Hunt
Sunbury Neighbourhood  Association

Don Hunt 604 582-9225
Pat Lavery 604 589-1680